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  1. MS Society of Great Britain and Northern Ireland MS Society
  2. MS Society of Scotland
  3. Mutual Support The Armed Forces MS Support Group
  4. MS Research Trust (UK)
  5. Imperial College School of Medicine, London Home of The MS Tissue Bank
  6. MS Society of the USA
  7. NMSS: What's New in the USA
  8. National Hospital Queen Square, London
  9. Massachusetts General Hospital & Havard Medical School
  10. American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association Useful site if you or any other members of your family suffer from other auto-immune diseases.
  11. The MS Book Store

  12. The MS Gateway Multiple Sclerosis Communities worldwide - the MS-Gateway Community-network including a history on the use of BetaFeron®
  13. Healthline, Connect to Better Heath
  14. Healthopedia Health Encyclopaedia MS page
  15. The history of MS
  16. About.com Help and advice from Dr. Julie Stachowiak, Ph.D. who has MS herself.
  17. Stu's Views and MS Related News Weekly Newsletter
  18. Dr Johnathan Wright's Tahoma Clinic emphasis on the use of natural materials and natural energies.
  19. RADAR Toilets, travel and 101 other disability issues
  20. All About Multiple Sclerosis MS links includng famous people with MS. We are not alone!
  21. Everything you wanted to know about MS from A-Z but were afraid to ask
  22. Major genetic study reveals DNA hot spots of disease susceptibility
  23. Vitamin D directly terminates production of disease-causing protein
  24. Symptoms, Uhthoff's Syndrome
  25. Dignity in Dying. Dignitas.
  26. Sailing challenge Sailing for crew members with MS
  27. PN Magazine THE magazine for wheelchair users in the USA.

  28. Stu's Views & MS News
  29. All About MS Paul Jones' webpages.
  30. Life in spite of MS.
  31. Jim Bolton, "MS Village Canada"
  32. Brian Groenenstein Cape Town S. Africa

  33. AEDEM Associación Española de Esclerosis Multiple, Madrid
  34. FELEM La Federación Española para la Lucha contra la Esclerosis Múltiple
  35. FEMEEF Fundación Esclerosis Multiple Eugenia Epalza Fundazioa
  36. Institut Biomedical Research August Pi Sunyer Home of The Spanish Tissue Bank

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