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Message In A Bottle Greetings Cards - Spring & Summer 2020

Alljoy Designs - Message In A Bottle - Aquarium

Alljoy Designs - Message In A Bottle Greetings Card
“Aquarium & Fish”

These are greetings cards with a difference.  Beautifully laser cut card designs that fold flat to fit in a standard envelope, provided, and then fold out into a 3D bottle shape with a multi layered design inside.  There is space to write your greeting on the back of the card.  This one shows an aquarium design complete with weeds and colourful fishes.  Ideal for that occasion that requires something more than just a normal card.  Thank you for looking at Little Boats Gifts online shop, we are always adding products so please come back or contact us if you can’t see what you want.  If you have any questions about this product please email

3D Aquarium 3D Fabulous Birthday 3D Tropical Island 3D Sailing Ship 3D Garden Shed 3D Peacock 3D Surfer

Message In A Bottle Aquarium




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